Coming Soon - Outdoor Schools

Hochoka’s Alternative School allows for students and teachers to have the opportunity to experience education from a very different perspective; outside the walls of the classroom; with animals and nature as a learning catalyst for growth and education. Its main goal is experiential learning.

About the Program

When we think of education, the first thing that may come to mind is an academic achievement or cognitive learning such as a person’s ability to read, write and do mathematics. It is important to remember the other domains such as physical and social/emotional development and not to focus only on academic skills.

Fostering the ideals of environmental and personal responsibility, civic engagement, entrepreneurial spirit, and global understanding are elements of the learning opportunity at the Outdoor Alternative School. The various directions a person would like to explore as their life’s work can be done through the creativity-based program and the entire concept of the freedom of the outdoor learning environment which allows for self-growth more than traditional school environments just because of the integration of the whole self as a basis of all curriculum. The whole self includes the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The concept of an outdoor learning environment is not new to our world. More progressive states in the US offer this and these have been operating at every level of education.