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About the Event

Hochoka has partnered with Belk for the past 14 years to fund raise during the Thanksgiving through Christmas season. This is a great and fun time ! We begin the Saturday at Thanksgiving and go every Saturday until Christmas. The week before Christmas, we go 5 days prior to Christmas Eve. We arrive at noon and stay until 7pm. Lunch and dinner provided.

What We Do

We set up at table and have items we sell ranging from $5 to $50. These items are either donated throughout the year by children with special needs in art; or someone who makes any art form related to horses, crosses, angels, healing, etc. We are open to opportunities to receive donated items to sell! Please contact us if you know of places to partner to have donations of items to sell; or if you know of families in need.

The other thing we do during this time, is we have house bound clients who come join us and spend the day at Belk. They get to have lunch and dinner out; shop, or whatever their need may be to enjoy the Holidays out of their home.

We work with Veterans. We welcome veterans to come spend a day with us at Belk.

We work with families in need. During these dates at Belk for Christmas – we take children with us to fund raise. They get to learn to public speak, how to manage money, how to manage many types of people at one time. They get to see Santa. They get to have lunch and dinner. Hochoka uses some of the fund raised monies to help purchase items the children need as their Christmas gifts.

Hochoka’s Needs during this busy Christmas Fund Raiser

We need 2-3 adults to go with Kimberly each date while at Belk. Adults help the children with speaking, with needs to go eat, to help at the sales table, etc.

Christmas Fundraiser

Volunteers Needed

There is always need for more than one adult to help manage children, speak to customers, etc.

Available Dates

  • Nov 23 12p till 7pm
  • Nov 30 12p till 7pm
  • Dec 7 12p till 7pm
  • Dec 14 12p till 7pm
  • Dec 19 12p till 7pm
  • Dec 20 12p till 7pm
  • Dec 21 12p till 7pm
  • Dec 22 12p till 7pm
  • Dec 23 12p till 7pm