The Children’s Program has developed into a Mystery School. A lot of children are born different – they have a special gift or intuition that is locked in. Avalon’s Mystery School helps them uncover their own special gift and unlock their potential. In fact, the purpose of Mystery School is to assist children and teens to unlock their potential. The Mystery School helps children get in touch with their whole self; their physical self, their mental self, their and emotional self. The learning facilitated at Avalon’s Mystery School is decidedly different than the traditional kind of learning in school systems. The learning here is a tactile experience; the learning is done actively, using the whole body – the emotional body, the physical body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.


Horses help facilitate healing because they have an innate and profound ability to know what a person needs to heal, whether it is a for an emotional block, a repetitive behavior, or even a physical problem.
Healing with Horses teaches people to use the emotional body as a source of intelligence, as opposed to using our mental capacities.
Learning to utilize our innate emotional intelligence and agility is the main focus of our Healing with Horses program. Our emotions are a gateway to our deep inner self; our innermost needs and desires. Avalon Farm and the Healing with Horses program connects people with their inner self.
Our current society is too focused on mental acuity and prowess and as a result, many of us are cut off from the emotional aspect of our being. This ultimately leads to stress, dysfunction, or even a breakdown of some kind.
Avalon Farm offers a retreat in a beautiful setting that is private, safe, and sacred, providing a person time and space to venture inward for healing.