Children's Programs

The Children’s Program has developed into a Mystery School which helps children get in touch with their whole self: physical, mental and emotional.  We work with children who have a wide range of behavioral or developmental issues.

Adult Programs

Horses help facilitate healing because they have an innate and profound ability to know what a person needs to heal. Whether it is a for an emotional block, a repetitive behavior, or even a physical problem, we have a program to aid you in your personal growth.


Our summer program is in session from June thru August. Each camp lasts for one week and is limited to 10 kids participating. We hold up to camps each month. Seasonal camps are also available for spring break, holidays and track out.

Corporate Retreats

Our corporate retreats offer a relaxing environment to refresh and reconnect. Team building exercises strengthen the effectiveness of your company’s mission and are tailored for your specific needs.

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In 2011 my child was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Therapist after therapist and doctor after doctor each gave me tiny pieces to the puzzle that is parenting a child with Autism, but a huge gap remained.

When I met Kimberly Clarke at Avalon Farm, the puzzle suddenly clicked into place. It was the first place that I ever felt my son was accepted entirely for who he is. His quirks and idiosyncrasies were not foreign at the farm, they were accepted. He was at once at peace with the horses and animals and open fields, and Kimberly was there to guide him through every encounter. The farm gave him confidence and freedom and affirmed his importance to society, to the universe.

At the farm, he learned hard skills, such as feeding the animals and planting a garden. He also gained soft skills, such as being present in the moment without being anxious about the future, and how to keep your personal energy low when meeting a new animal or person. Even better are the parenting lessons I learned. I learned how to require adherence to social norms and not give in to tantrums. I stopped feeling anxious about the awkwardness that is Aspergers and allowed my child to just be a kid.

Avalon Farm is a unique and beautiful place and must be experienced firshand to be understood fully. The healing effecto f the property has a long lasting reach that will endear it forever in my heart and soul. I will never be able to repay what Kimberly and Avalon have both done for our family. I know that given the chance, Avalon will have the same effect on many families to come.

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Erin Johnson

I just wanted to write to you and tell you what a difference you and your farm and horses have made in the lives of my grandsons. My older grandson, Austin is on the spectrum for Autism with Asperger’s Syndrome and it presents as social anxiety. He has a difficult time with change and new situations and people. True to the qualities of ASD he is brilliant and extremely perceptive.

After his first stay with you, my daughter and I could tell a tremendous change in him. My daughter described it as a “Zen” quality because he was so at peace. It was amazing. It makes me tear up even now typing this. He took to the horses and they to him and it became a bond like we had not seen before. There was no anxiety. No fear. Just a calm peace within him.

I know we, as a society, want to only believe in the tangible. And our collective mantra is, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” This is so far from how the world truly works. We have to believe it to see it. And in this case we believed that you and your horses could make a difference and we absolutely saw it. This child changed in an amazing way. I know that what you do at Avalon Farm is such a blessing to so many. Lives are changed and hearts are healed beyond what even you may be away.

My prayer is that you continue to help these folks who are hurting and in pain in a way that only Avalon Farm is able. Thank you and God bless you.

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Michelle Beam

Mooresville, NC

The following poem was written for Kimberly by a very special person. It captures her spirit and sums up the purpose of Avalon.


Softly the hooves rose and fell
barely touching the ground under their spell
Riders of light were borne aloft
Wings were beating lightly and soft

Spirits of horses live and play
On higher planes of energy each day
Connected to physical beings on earth
Beings who need special care from birth

Horses speak through their hearts and eyes
Only heard by those quiet enough to cry
For all the sins committed against these steeds
Who can only love without hate indeed

They are what is left of noble races
Who lived here long ago without any traces
These beings were noble and true without fear
And lived forever here for years and years
At the fall of man these creatures decided
To serve and protect their masters unbridled
To do what they asked without wanting a thing
Except love, a soft hand, and fields to run without wings
They need us now, these noble beings
For we have betrayed them and torn off their wings
We must provide a place for them to heal
And regain their pride and strength of will.

AVALON, AVALON is the place they may heal
A mystical place of care, love made real
Where hearts can mend and souls recover
And hands can caress health back into another.

There is hope for us all in such places as this
Where protection is granted to all with such bliss
And healing is given without asking or plea
For that is AVALON, to heal you and me.

Gray Robinson


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