Meet Our Horses

The horses are the heart and soul of Avalon Farm.

The gentle, four legged “staff members” are remarkably intuitive. These social animals can sense surface uncertainty as well as deep-seated emotional distress. In effect, they hold up a mirror in which clients can view themselves.

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Adult Program

Horses help facilitate healing because they have an innate and profound ability to know what a person needs to heal, whether it is a for an emotional block, a repetitive behavior, or even a physical problem.

Healing with Horses teaches people to use the emotional body as a source of intelligence, as opposed to using our mental capacities.

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Children’s Program

The Children’s Program has developed into a Mystery School. A lot of children are born different – they have a special gift or intuition that is locked in.  Avalon’s Mystery School helps them uncover their own special gift and unlock their potential.

In fact, the purpose of Mystery School is to assist children and teens to unlock their potential.

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