Youth Journal

Learning to utilize our emotional intelligence and agility is a focus of our Healing With Horses program.

The journal is a workbook with multiple sessions to facility soul-level healing; to help guide you to the life desire.

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Workbook Only


Work at your own pace with this self-guided book provides learning and healing for self-care and healing of the soul.


This workbook provides you everything you will need to achive inner peace.


Workbook + 1 Session


Take your learning and healing a step further and get facilitated sessions with our on-site staff. Live sessions include 2-3 hour sessions and can be remote.


After purchasing, you will need to be sure to follow up and be sure to schedule a session as well as complete and submit the client application.


Additional sessions may be purchased for $150/each.

All sessions can be done with a horse or within close proximity depending on your comfort level. This is a non-riding program, however if somebody wishes to ride our horses, these lessons are prerequisites to riding our horses. The Adult Journal sessions can also be purchased in any combination or indivually for youth.

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We Offer a Wide Selection of Session Types

  • Emotional Intelligence and Agility

  • Trauma Relief/Crisis/PTSD

  • Stress Management/Wellness

  • Reflective/Boundry Exercises

  • Vibrational Healing

  • Chakras/Energy Enhancement Work

  • Myofascial Release

  • Kinesiology/Mind/Body Connection

  • Relaxation Techniques/Yoga/Tai Chi

Already Purchased?

If you  have already purchased a workbook along with facilited sessions, we ask that you give us a call to schedule sessions. We requre all clients and participants must fill out and return the client application form.


Have a Parent/Guardian Call to Schedule


Have a Parent/Guardian Complete Client Application

Your data is kept confidential and encrypted at all times.