Intensive Retreat

A retreat is a period of time for personal reflection and growth; usually 3-5 days or more. Giving ourselves time to reflect can be a powerful way to process the things that have happened or that are happening in our lives. By paying attention to messages we receive while in retreat we pave the way for greater healing and transformation; and the gifts of insight and clarity can be used in all aspects of our lives.

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    Adult Program


    Adult Programs

    Horses have an innate and profound ability to know what a person needs to heal; whether it is an emotional block, a repetitive behavior, or even a physical problem.

    Healing With Horses teaches people to use the emotional body as a source of intelligence, as opposed to using our mental capacities.

    Hochoka Retreat Center offers a retreat in a beautiful setting that is private, safe, and sacred, providing a person time and space to venture inward for healing.

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    Youth Program

    Equine Assisted Learning/Healing With Horses/Hochoka's Healing With Horses program serves the following population.

    We serve grandparents who are raising their children's children, veterans, and others suffering from PTSD, health care facilitiators who are not having success with modern, main-stream thearapies; home school assocaitions, authism spectrum and other learning disabilities, fostered and adopted children, at risk youth, children that are bi-products of addictive enviroments, and those seeking true healing and respit from life's respit.


    Youth Programs

    The Children's Program has developed into what was once called "Mystery School". Children are born special gift - God given. Hochoka's Youth Program and Alternative School helps uncover their own special gift and unlock their potential.

    The Youth Program and/or Alternative School helps children get in touch with their whole self; physical, mental, and emotional self. The cirriculium facilitated at Hochoka is decidedly different than the traditional Government/local school systems. The learning is experiencial; learing by doing; using the whole body. By doing and tactile experience; the learning is done actively, using the whole body. - the emotional body, the physical body, the mental body, and the spiritual body. This form of learning significantly helps to reveal a child's strength and weaknesses and releases emotional blocks, which facilitates self-understanding, psychological and emotional health.

    We work with children who have behavioral issues and are failing in the school system. We also work with home schooled children and/or children who are born with developmental disabilities. The focus is task and goal oriented, aligned with each particular child's life purpose.

    Our modern society has grown to where most our output is of a mental capacity which leads us cut off from the emotional aspect of our being, which after time could result in confusion, frustration and anxiety. This inevitably leads to disease, dysfunction or even a breakdown of some kind. The Healing with Horses program teaches children here to use the emotional body as a source of intelligence. Children at Hochoka Retreat Center have to solve problems by themselves, sometimes doing simple things which can reveal an emotional block.

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    Corporate Program


    Corporate Programs

    Today's fast-paced world and technology has introduced a barrage of distractions that has resulted in a disconnect. In the process of electronically connecting, we have disconnected from our natural intuition, body cues and spirit. Re-awakening your connection to nature activates, stimulates and revives your creativity; resulting in new ideas and thinking outside-the-box. Hochoka's corporate retreats are specifically designed to improve teamwork, jump-start creative juices, create clarity and increase focus. We design the program around the individual corporations needs.

    To provide greater access to our "Inner Being and Knowings" and to ground our experiences, our retreat features the Healing With Horses Program; or Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL)


During the Retreat

Emotional Freedom

Clear blocked issues/emotions which can be expressed in a safe environment.

Root of the Issues

Uncover and move through patterns that undermine our growth and effectiveness

Connect within Yourself

Better accomplish tasks, create clarity, and build personal confidence and self esteem

Continued Growth

Discover intimacy, boundaries, self-reflection, emotional intellegence, strength and weaknesses, and emotions

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