Crowd Funding

We need your help now more than ever! With the final stage of construction, your support is needed now! Every cent helps us provide for our animals and day-to-day operations that keep our farm operating so we can help our community.

How Can I Help?

Give Online

Our fundraising goal is to reach $100,000 for completing the Riding Ring Sacred Work Space and Tiny House Models.

Provide Needed Items

Help provide our team with the resources we'll need to continue operations and protect the values we hold.

2022 Wishlist

Larger Needs

  • Riding Ring build - $,5000
  • Tiny house/Work Space #2 - $25,000
  • Uplift Barn Loft for Living/Office Space - $25,000
  • Finish Living Space in barn - $40,000
  • Tractor - $25,000
  • Mower - $5,000
  • Vet Yearly Bill - $4,000
  • Farm maintenance fees - $1,250/mo

Smaller Needs

  • Laser Printer
  • Pressure Washer
  • Building Supplies (wood, nails, sheet rock, etc)
  • Animal Feed - $200/mo
  • String Trimmer
  • Chain Saw
  • Tools

Support Team

  • Board Members
  • Building Team (Electrician, plumber, sheet rock, carpenters, etc)
  • Volunteers

To our 2021 Donors

October 29, 2021

Those who contribute will bring much needed assistance to women, children, young adults and families who are in need of temporary respite. We also have a huge focus and heart for the teens who do not have a life plan or anyone to help them; those coming out of services through foster care. Far too many children have no family who are well enough to assist them. The population we have served has ranged from young children born with disabilities; to teens with self-esteem and other identity issues; to adults suffering from loss of home, job, marriage, health and otherwise life's transitions of various kinds.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,
Kimberly Clarke
Hochoka Director