Case Studies

I just wanted to write to you and tell you what a difference you and your farm and horses have made in the lives of my grandsons. After his first stay with you, my daughter and I could tell a tremendous change in him.

I know we, as a society, want to only believe in the tangible. And our collective mantra is, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” This is so far from how the world truly works. We have to believe it to see it. And in this case we believed that you and your horses could make a difference and we absolutely saw it. This child changed in an amazing way. I know that what you do at Avalon Farm is such a blessing to so many. Lives are changed and hearts are healed beyond what even you may be away.

Michelle Beam

When I met Kimberly Clarke at Avalon Farm, the puzzle suddenly clicked into place. It was the first place that I ever felt my son was accepted entirely for who he is. His quirks and idiosyncrasies were not foreign at the farm, they were accepted.

At the farm, he learned hard skills, such as feeding the animals and planting a garden. He also gained soft skills, such as being present in the moment without being anxious about the future, and how to keep your personal energy low when meeting a new animal or person. Even better are the parenting lessons I learned. I learned how to require adherence to social norms and not give in to tantrums. I stopped feeling anxious about the awkwardness that is Aspergers and allowed my child to just be a kid.

Erin Johnson
"I don’t profess to be a therapist, here we do healing work and experiential learning."-- Kimberly Clarke

For the past year, I have witnessed its success involving young people in healthy outdoor activities that provide a fun means for learning important life skills.

As a business person in the greater Charlotte community and a board member of a number of equine based therapy programs, please accept my testimonial that not any facilities offer as many unique outdoor experiences as Avalon Farm does – and certainly not in the Alexander-North Iredell county areas. With your support, more young people will enjoy a healthy, educational, constructive experience offered by Avalon.

Patrick O'Leary
Chief Financial Officer, SPX

For the past year, I have witnessed Avalon farm’s amazing success involving young people in healthy outdoor activities that are fun and provide a means for learning important life skills. Through collaboration with community organizations like Scouting, churches, elementary schools, high schools and children with special needs programs, it has provided a unique and valuable experience. Scouting has used the facility with scouts, venturers and our in-school program serving special needs students.

Being a professional with the Boy Scouts of America for more than 20 years, please accept my testimony that not many facilities offer so many different and “unique” outdoor experiences as Avalon Farms. The Avalon Farm’s staff is very talented and competent. On every level, our experience has been a good one. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this worthy program.

Jack Crawford
Field Director, Boy Scouts of America