Breathwork Classes

This accelerated breathing class reverses the suppression we naturally learn early in life, allowing for the release of the long-held emotional charges.

Join a session and begin the spiritual healing you deserve.  

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Don't Forget These Things

What to Wear

Be sure to wear loose and comfy clothing.

Bring outerwear that can be layered as your body temperature can fluctuate during this process.

What to Bring

We highly recommend you bring a few items to help you be comfortable during the event.
  1. Something to lay on the floor and be comfortable (matt or sleeping bag, sheet, blanket, pillow, etc)
  2. a bottle of water
  3. an eye mask
  4. journal and pen
  5. any item of comfort to you
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Breathwork Class
When you are in touch with old memories, you can create a reparative experience by changing the outcome – making noise and expressing when you couldn’t before, or having someone hold you when you lacked that as a child.
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