Horses of Hochoka

Monday, April 5, 2021

"The earth would be nothing without the people but man would be nothing without the horse." - Author Unknown

To begin - so much traverses to this story. The layers of systemic constellations and depths it takes to truly learn who we are and heal.


"The earth would be nothing without the people but man would be nothing without the horse." - Author Unknown

To begin - so much traverses to this story. The layers of systemic constellations and depths it takes to truly learn who we are and heal.

Born to a family by half Native American blood brought in by Daniel Israel Boone, who fraternized with natives along the Yadkin Rivers of North Carolina. The travels of Lewis & Clark took this blood to the northeast to where the “keepers of the horses” who raised the native’s favorite spirit horse, the Appaloosa; the Nez Perce tribe became famous for this. Chief Joseph and his people fleeing from the Calvary were captured 20 south of the Canadian line in the treacherous hills. It was “the horse” as spirit guides that allowed for the traversing of these hills and where to go for freedom. The Calvary learned of this and slaughtered their horses; thus causing capture and enslavement. Natives were first slaves.

Many natives are still caught in the trauma of this travesty of which there are many other stories of the capture and taking of the peace and lands natives once lived.

Fast forward to today, Hochoka Retreat Center is the name of my organization. Hochoka’s driving force is the resurgence of the horse and its ability to help humans heal by way of dissecting into the soul of who we are as humans. These steeds are fabulous without fail, to take any person willing to go the depths, to the core of who they truly are, in spirit; and to rid of any energy, experience and or trauma or diseases - that no longer serves.

Hochoka in Native tongue means healing circle. Completing the circle of who we are while alive and not waiting until death and our next go round is imperative to seekers of the light and the right trail. The horses of Hochoka gently assist with healing and are astute and profound as to how they can facilitate clearly many people at once or even more direct, individually.

And I have much more to say about my personal journey to have been bestowed this gift of facilitating horses to help humans heal. It has not come with jollies, ease, and grace. It has been blood, sweat, and tears; along with the jollies, grace, and ease. To walk in true healing, the letting go of who we think we are can be painful.

My story - born into this unbeknownst white family unfamiliar with horses or animals of any kind; I learned at a very young age, to cling to horses at any chance I could. I never owned horses growing up; I chose friends who had them so I could get my fill. Then when I was of young ’20s of age, I got my first horse, Priscilla. Her name means wisdom. I had no idea of this name meaning until I had raised her - and her me - for over 30 years. She came to me at the age of 4 months.

She took me into many places literally & figuratively, and into the first farm, I had called Avalon Farm.

Priscilla healed over 3500 people in her 33 life years on earth. She was born on Christmas and this writing is a tribute for the love she gave to all those she touched; and oh my God, the best friend I have ever had!

Avalon Farm served over 350 families in healing services during its 15-year life. The spiritual warfare came in and I personally and privately fought 3 battles behind the scenes, whilst still healing everything in sight, for 5 years before we lost the battle. The government took our donated 50 acres just like was done to our people 200 years ago. In order to heal this for the Nations, my horses and I had to re-live this “taking of our lands”. To bring the pains to light. However painful this process has been it taught me much and I would nit take it back.

Not only did I fight back against the government this go-round, but I also went up against a very large bank and very wealthy benefactor who both were doing inequitable dealings within my farm business. Pretty big and nasty stuff!

RE: a systemic constellation is a form of healing work we offer... I HAD to live it before I could break it down and teach it to others...This happened from 2008 until 2016 when we suddenly became homeless - our horses and other farm animals suddenly were cast off the lands we knew as home and that we actually owned. The government took them - and THIS is a long story related to taxation which I have written about many times in our plea to save the farm, to no avail...

Avalon dissolved and we formed a new 501(c)(3) organization called Hochoka, which I have briefly spoken about earlier herein.

Hochoka provides healing services in a private intimate outdoor setting with horses. It does not have to incorporate riding a horse.

We are at location number 7 currently. This landowner discussed a lease option purchase for an 8-year contract and after putting $30,000 in up-fitting the land to have our needed places to work (barn, fence, housing, etc.) the landowner said - “get out”. Of which we are happy to do, as we do not want to be on un-welcomed land; however, we are fighting legally to have our monies returned.

We are looking for land to relocate to for purchase. We are running a capital campaign for $100,000; which just began and we have raised $15,000 in December. We are looking for like-minded partnerships to help our mission.

Most importantly, we have never missed a beat in helping and healing others! The power of the horse and it’s healing abilities and my own - have not been ceased.

Partnerships and allegiances do not come easy with the intensity of this type of healing work. You have to be strong in your own right and spirit and very clear. As this IS “the way of the horse”. And I am like the horse, in that clarity, compassion, and grace - of course after and thru the storm(s).

There are MANY stories of great healings of individuals and of battles. Even though we lost our lands initially, we have lost battles but not the war!

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