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Hochoka Retreat Center has been instrumental in providing solutions to those in need. Donate Today!

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Pre-Order Your Ticket

You can pre-shop 2 weeks prior to the sale date. Tell the cashier to get the $5 off purchase price and the sale price. This way they don't have to go "the day of sale" when it is like Black Friday - crazy busy.

They cannot take their items in pre-sale until the day of sale - OR any time after sale date. Belk® rings all the pre-sales on the sale date - for some accounting and business purposes.

Also, you can sell tickets – 5, 10 or 20 tickets to one person. They can get this $5 off PER ITEM. If someone is going to purchase multiple items, they save $5 each item. They are going to spend the money anyways - either at Belk® or with the charity!

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April and October

Dates subject to change without notice.
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About the Event

Hochoka is participating in a fundraiser through Belk, called "Belk® Charity Day." Hochoka supporters will be selling tickets to raise money. Our fundraising goal is $5,000.00. The tickets are only $5 each and are the only way a customer can receive Belk’s special Charity deals. The Charity Day Sale,2019, it is a private, four-hour sale available only to ticket holders. Belk® provides Hochoka and other charities with the opportunity to raise money through ticket sales and volunteer hours.

The Charity Day Sale is private to ticket holders only!

  • Receive 20-70% off Belk® purchases storewide including rarely-discounted designer brands (see Belk® Sale Flyer)
  • Receive an additional $5 off your purchase
  • Hochoka receives the $5 for our farm ministry.
  • When selling tickets for Hochoka, collect cash/checks in an envelope and turn in to Hochoka. Hochoka DOES take a credit card – done through Hochoka accounting office.

Don't Delay!

The first 100 people in line on the day of the sale, Belk® gives gift card(s) up to $1,000

Pickup your Belk® Fundraiser Packetat the Farm. (Call to Plan or Meet up)
Package includes:
  • Belk® Charity Day Information sheet
  • Tickets
  • Hochoka info sheet so those you sell to can understand what Hochoka does
  • Pre-Sale info sheet
  • Frequently asked questions sheet
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