Adult Journal


Learning to utilize our emotional intelligence and agility is a focus of our Healing With Horses program. Emotions are a gateway to deep inner self; our innermost needs and desires. Healing With Horses connects people with their inner self, and provides learning and healing for self-care and healing of the soul.

The journal is a workbook with multiple sessions to facility soul-level healing; to help guide you to the life desire.

The workbook can be purchased and self-studied for $150. The workbook has 10 sessions.

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We require all participants to fill out and return the client application form.

Use the contact information to Email or Mail in your completed application.

Purchase Options


  1. Workbook Only - No Facilitated Sessions ($150)
  2. Workbook & 10 Facilitated Sessions ($150/session or $1,500)
    Live sessions last 2-3 hours.
  3. Can purchase any combination of sessions or just one. Sessions include:

    • Emotional Intelligence and Agility

    • Trauma Relief/Crisis/PTSD

    • Stress Management/Wellness

    • Reflective/Boundry Exercises

    • Vibrational Healing

    • Chakras/Energy Enhancement Work

    • Myofascial Release

    • Kinesiology/Mind/Body Connection

    • Relaxation Techniques/Yoga/Tai Chi