I just wanted to write to you and tell you what a difference you and your farm and horses have made in the lives of my grandsons. My older grandson, Austin is on the spectrum for Autism with Asperger’s Syndrome and it presents as social anxiety. He has a difficult time with change and new situations and people.  True to the qualities of ASD he is brilliant and extremely perceptive.

After his first stay with you, my daughter and I could tell a tremendous change in him. My daughter described it as a “Zen” quality because he was so at peace. It was amazing. It makes me tear up even now typing this. He took to the horses and they to him and it became a bond like we had not seen before. There was no anxiety. No fear. Just a calm peace within him.

I know we, as a society, want to only believe in the tangible. And our collective mantra is, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” This is so far from how the world truly works. We have to believe it to see it. And in this case we believed that you and your horses could make a difference and we absolutely saw it. This child changed in an amazing way. I know that what you do at Avalon Farm is such a blessing to so many. Lives are changed and hearts are healed beyond what even you may be away.

My prayer is that you continue to help these folks who are hurting and in pain in a way that only Avalon Farm is able. Thank you and God bless you.

Michelle Beam

Mooresville, NC

In 2011 my child was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Therapist after therapist and doctor after doctor each gave me tiny pieces to the puzzle that is parenting a child with Autism, but a huge gap remained.

When I met Kimberly Clarke at Avalon Farm, the puzzle suddenly clicked into place. It was the first place that I ever felt my son was accepted entirely for who he is. His quirks and idiosyncrasies were not foreign at the farm, they were accepted. He was at once at peace with the horses and animals and open fields, and Kimberly was there to guide him through every encounter. The farm gave him confidence and freedom and affirmed his importance to society, to the universe.

At the farm, he learned hard skills, such as feeding the animals and planting a garden. He also gained soft skills, such as being present in the moment without being anxious about the future, and how to keep your personal energy low when meeting a new animal or person. Even better are the parenting lessons I learned. I learned how to require adherence to social norms and not give in to tantrums. I stopped feeling anxious about the awkwardness that is Aspergers and allowed my child to just be a kid.

Avalon Farm is a unique and beautiful place and must be experienced firshand to be understood fully. The healing effecto f the property has a long lasting reach that will endear it forever in my heart and soul. I will never be able to repay what Kimberly and Avalon have both done for our family. I know that given the chance, Avalon will have the same effect on many families to come.

Erin Johnson

The dire situation at Avalon Farm needs to go public in order to make others aware of the truly criminal acts of government and heartless banks of trying to destroy what has been such a gift to so many individuals in need of your help and what you do to help in their recovery and stability. Shame on them! I pray for God’s intercession, but as his children, other Christians need to stand up with you and let society learn about the selfish and heartless actions of a most greedy industry that are only concerned about how to suck the blood out of stone from good people who try to lift others up and do God’s work. Please use my comment to spread God’s love and kindness, and to bring down today’s money-theistic culture. May God change their hearts and lift up this cause. May our Savior, Jesus, cover you and all of your needs.


Pastor John Donadio

I first met Kimberly Clarke over twenty years ago when she had her own successful business Life Management, Inc., in Charlotte, NC. Life Management was a life coaching, wellness, stress management and prevention of illness business. I was aware of her unselfish choice to close her personal business to create Avalon Farm, a non-profit, charitable, educational organization that helps people of all ages heal through horses.

At Avalon Farm, Ms. Clarke works with animals as teachers and healers with a more natural type of healing than traditional methods. People are taught to access their own innate wisdom as they heal on many levels. Avalon Farm’s methods are pure, clear, and clean without the use of any drugs.

As founder and director of Avalon Farm, Ms. Clarke is unique in her understanding of the relationship between animals and people. Being the wife of a Viet Nam combat veteran, I am very appreciat! ive of the outstanding work Ms. Clarke does with our nation’s veterans.

Avalon Farm houses children and families in crisis or transition until appropriate safe placement is found. In addition to helping adults and children heal through working with horses, Ms. Clarke further developed Avalon Farm into a home for rescued animals. Ms. Clarke and Avalon Farm offer both people and animals a very effective, non-traditional approach to healing and wellness. Through her expertise and various alternative methods, people of all ages and afflictions accomplish emotional, physical, mental and spiritual transformation and healing.

Iredell County and our state of North Carolina should be proud to be home of such an innovative and creative, alternative place of refuge—Avalon Farm.


Mary Lemmons

Founder, Inner Awakenings, Albemarle, North Carolina

I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how much Avalon Farm means to me and my husband, grandson – Kaiden, and family. I have had my grandson living with me for 2 years and he had a lot of anger in him when he  came to live with us. I started taking him for therapy and I just wasn’t seeing the results I thought he needed. I found an Avalon Farm brochure in a doctors office. In fall of 2014, I made an appointment with Kimberly Clarke and her horses. I have loved it ever since. I feel you have to go and see what she does with kids. I was impressed from day one. I know a lot of times we want to band aid our kids and i realized I needed to help him find a way to get his anger managed and find a way for him to express it that was not damaging him and his other relationships.

In the beginning, when we went for our appointments, Kimberly used a stick to poind on the pavement; while my grandson pounded, he shouted, “why” – “Why are you mad? Who are you made at?” and then she would begin with the horses and him. Thi really helped him tap into his anger and “‘why” and he began to understand himself with his emotions. I was so impressed. Every week he had a new word he had to look up and use it in a way that helped him deal with life lessons, his emotions, and what was going on in his life at school and with relationships that have been severed – his father who is dead and his mother who is on heroin.

I’m so blessed to have found Avalon Farm. I feel Miss Kim doesn’t get the credit she deserves. I wanted something so Kaiden would learn how to live life and all its ups and downs and make wise decisions that would help him in life. In my opinion, you cannot just come and look at this place. You have to feel through it. I hope you understand what I mean. I have watched Kaiden change so much and I’m thankful for that. I believe that Avalon Farm has been a life changer for our family; and will be a blessing to anyone who has an open mind & heart. I firmly believe that whatever you invest in life, you get out of it and Avalon Farm has been a great investment for my family.

Wayne & Tina Kelly

It is with sincere enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of Avalon Farm’s request for funding. For the past year, I have witnessed its success involving young people in healthy outdoor activities that provide a fun means for learning important life skills. Through collaboration with local government, community organizations like Scouting, churches, elementary schools, high schools and children with special needs programs, it has provided unique and valuable experiences to children in need.

Avalon Farm started in 2008 with 4 programs: Stress Management and Wellness, Breathwork, Creativity Art Therapy and perhaps the facility’s most popular, Healing with HOrses.

Healing with Horses is a 10-week program that focuses on various character-building traits, and the farms horses are incorporated into each lesson. Children learn about respect, trust, communication, self care, stress management, goals, attitude and more.

As a business person in the greater Charlotte community and a board member of a number of equine based therapy programs, please accept my testimonial that not any facilities offer as many unique outdoor experiences as Avalon Farm does – and certainly not in the Alexander-North Iredell county areas. With your support, more young people will enjoy a healthy, educational, constructive experience offered by Avalon.

Thank you for your consideration of these worthy programs. I hope you will join me in providing financial support to expand their impact.

Patrick O'Leary

Chief Financial Officer, SPX

For the past year, I have witnessed Avalon farm’s amazing success involving young people in healthy outdoor activities that are fun and provide a means for learning important life skills. Through collaboration with community organizations like Scouting, churches, elementary schools, high schools and children with special needs programs, it has provided a unique and valuable experience. Scouting has used the facility with scouts, venturers and our in-school program serving special needs students.

Avalon Farm’s equestrian program is effective and unique. This year we plan to involve almost every special needs classroom in Iredell County in the Avalon Farm experience. We have also targeted Avalon Farm for future Eagle Scout projects. Many of the outcomes experienced by the Boy Scouts at Avalon Farm fit the Scouting’s mission. The collaboration between Scouting and Avalon Farm has been fruitful and positive.

Being a professional with the Boy Scouts of America for more than 20 years, please accept my testimony that not many facilities offer so many different and “unique” outdoor experiences as Avalon Farms. The Avalon Farm’s staff is very talented and competent. On every level, our experience has been a good one. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this worthy program.

Jack Crawford

Field Director, Boy Scouts of America

I had the opportunity to experience a work shop at Avalon Farm in May 2014. The facility is an amazingly kept home/welcome center and barn, with attention to detail. The staff at Avalon believe in the programs, therefore they take pride in everything they do.

I got to see firsthand how the program – Healing with Horses – works; with a young boy who had completely shut down because of what life had handed him. Kimberly uses the animals and positive based learning to free these kids from the reality they are faced with, to show them it is not the reality they are stuck with. She uses the animals to help build confidence and a sense of self-worth. As you watch the children work with the animals you can see the transformation take place. Thank you Kimberly for allowing me to experience this, and thank you for helping to guide our youth in a positive direction.

Paul Dennis

Union Bridge MD

Thank you for opening up your home, farm and program to my husband, Paul and I. We had an amazing time learning about your programs and think they are invaluable to the community and the future of the children in the area and the world.

I was personally blown away at the transformation of one of your clients and truly feel this program should be available to more children and adults throughout the world. Thank you for doing what you do!

Krystin Dennis

Union Bridge MD

I have invested a lot of time and energy working with homeless and needy veterans, and I have found that Avalon Farm provides and effective service in helping combat and needy veterans deal with PTSD and other issues causing stress.

We have taken veterans to Avalon Farm and allowed them to interact with the horses and other animals, to listen to words of healing and advice from the director of Avalon Farm – Kimberly Clarke – and to enjoy the peace and serenity of the Farm itself. One of our veterans, who is neither needy nor homeless but who has suffered physically and emotionally from his service experience, has bonded with one of the horses and has made three trips to the farm over the last few weeks. I have accompanied him twice and have seen the remarkable effect the visits have had on him. His wife and children have remarked about the positive changes they have seen in him, and they attribute the changes to his visits to Avalon Farm.

After we took the Veterans Helping Veterans group to the farm, a few needy veterans volunteered their time to work on repairing fencing and doing other needed chores as a way of giving back to the farm.

Avalon Farm is a special place for our veterans.

Dr. Ric Vandett

Chairperson, Foothills Homeless Veterans Stand Down

Avalon Farm facilitates an atmosphere, a place and time, a realm in the spirit that guides the world out. this then allows peace, joy, clarity and healing to flow freely to the people who choose to embrace this grace and gift.

The spirit of Grace working through Kimberly, her animals, lands and water allows release of pain, hurt, wrong thinking, and stuck emotion. Restoration or an exchange from pain to joy from unhealthy thinking to new ideas and healthy boundaries from brokenness and wholeness. Shalom! A place of nothing missed and nothing broken.

Kimberly is stong, clever, straight and the business of no nonsense, get the job done and get on with your happy whole life. When you come, you’re required to feel, think, process, and let go of the hurt and past. No small feat! Best done with gentle kindness and compassion by animals and Kimberly’s guiding touch of powerful, directive love that the healings are present before you realize you’ve accomplished something wonderful.

Our community has a rare wonderful gift in Avalon Farm. This gift within our boundaries NEEDS to be appreicated, respected and supported with our resources. Financially and volunteering of time, hours of service or equipment. This is always something that needs doing on ANY farm. Avalon Farm is no different. This is a great and good place to give those gifts of service or finances, that the next person, adult or child will find the farm well equipped and remaining in “our” community.

Joyce Watts

Taylorsville, NC

Healing with Horses Services of Avalon have been very helpful to our son in his efforts to overcome the effects of Autism.

Bill Williamson

Thank you for allowing this group to work with you! They were touched and inspired by the work you do…..

Kathleen Jones

Senior Tax Consultant, Badgerland Financial