Download ApplicationHorses help facilitate healing because they have an innate and profound ability to know what a person needs to heal, whether it is a for an emotional block, a repetitive behavior, or even a physical problem. Healing with Horses teaches people to use the emotional body as a source of intelligence, as opposed to using our mental capacities. Learning to utilize our innate emotional intelligence and agility is the main focus of our Healing with Horses program. Our emotions are a gateway to our deep inner self; our innermost needs and desires. Hochoka and the Healing with Horses program connects people with their inner self. Our current society is too focused on mental acuity and prowess and as a result, many of us are cut off from the emotional aspect of our being. This ultimately leads to stress, dysfunction, or even a breakdown of some kind. Hochoka offers a retreat in a beautiful setting that is private, safe, and sacred, providing a person time and space to venture inward for healing. A retreat is an intense period of time for personal reflection and growth. Giving ourselves time to reflect and heal can be a powerful way to process the things that have happened or that are happening in our lives. By paying attention to messages we receive while in retreat we pave the way for greater healing and transformation; and the gifts of insight and clarity can be used in all aspects of our lives. To provide greater access to our “Inner Being and Knowings” and to ground our experiences, our retreat features the Healing With Horses Program; or Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL); or Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning. During your time at Hochoka you will have the opportunity to: Clear blocked issues/emotions which can be expressed in a safe environment and allow for more emotional freedom Uncover and move through patterns that undermine our growth and effectiveness Help you learn to better accomplish tasks, create clarity, and build personal confidence and self esteem Detect and discover intimacy, boundaries, strength, emotions, and intuition Reinforce relationships Enhance listening and communication skills Develop trust, patience, and responsibility




A deposit is required, depending on length of stay. Please call for amount.

$250.00 per day (programming)
$150 half-day rate
$75 hourly rate
$75.00 for overnight accommodation at Hochoka (includes lunch) $30.00 per night tent/camp (includes lunch)

We offer a sliding-scale fee for services based on income. Please call for more information. We offer gratis services for (low-income) families. Scholarships available. Call the office to obtain Scholarship Eligibility Forms.


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To Register

To register, follow these 3 steps:
1 – Call Hochoka at 704-651-4800 to schedule an appointment.
2 – Download and fill out the application below.
3 – Mail the completed application to Hochoka, PO Box 237 Harmony, NC 28634 OR Email the completed application to

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