Voice of Lightning

Dear, dear sweet, ever so sweet Lightning. You came into my life so full of vigor, so ready to shake up the world. You leave my life with a huge void, a huge question mark, a wondering and questioning of all I know. How can this be? What did I miss? Am I to forever roam without ever knowing why?

Lightning“Please forgive me, precious Kim. I know not why I did this but I do know that I am totally and completely loved beyond all comprehension. Wish I could take away the dagger that pierces your heart, that drains your very life source. Priscilla, my beloved mother. You did right by me just as Kimberly did. You both have nothing to regret. You mothered me well.”
“Lucky, be especially nice to Priscilla right now. She does not understand why I lie so still. Mother and Lucky and all other creatures of Avalon, I have left my physical body and will not return to that reality. I am spirit and I roam the fields and meander in the woods in ways I could not before. It is no better, nor any worse. Just another way of being.

I will get used to not having a physical body just as you will eventually get used to not seeing my beautiful physical body with you. Grieve and cry all you want, but grieve not for me. Grieve the loss of companionship with my body, but allow yourself to glimpse into the beauty of my soul as never before.

I love you dearly, Kimberly. You taught me to trust and that I will do. Trust with me, Kimberly, for in trusting we find love and compassion. I am forever your Lightning. I strike truth and justice into the earth plane as never before. I hold humans accountable for their deeds. Never before has man needed the force of the lightning bolt to cleanse the dirt and filth that mires so many.

My time with you, Kimberly, was training for me. I graduated with honors but my graduation is bittersweet for it takes me from you. Had I known my time with you would be so short, I would have not learned what you taught me so fast. I would have lingered on lesson after lesson in order to be with you longer. Guess that is why my soul did not let my personality know what was ahead for me. My spirit knew how deeply I love you and enjoy our time together. My lessons would have taken a back seat to my time with you to the detriment of divine will.

Know that you were chosen as my teacher while I was on earth and now I am your teacher in spirit. We accomplished what we needed to do. Now we must work through the grief of loss of each other’s beautiful countenance to begin anew a different walk with each other.”

Sit with me in words and thought, Kimberly. Put in writing what I learned from you and you will realize how complete was my time with you. Everything you taught me is being written in the book of life for others will benefit from our time together. Yes, we will continue our work in a different way now, but first you must understand the completeness of our time together in physical form. You are the most powerful teacher that has ever graced my life, Kimberly.

I love you dearly.
Magna cum laude