Tribute to Priscilla

kimberlyclarkeOur beloved lead horse, Priscilla, transitioned into complete Spirit on Monday, August 27, 2014 at high noon. Those who have known her (and not) are welcome. With this passing into higher realm fields, she will continue to move myself and Hochoka into new form. We are so honored to have had the time we have had with Priscilla.

Priscilla the Old Soul

Priscilla came into my life as a Christmas gift when she was just 5 months old. We instantly became best friends. While her body was 36 years old at her passing, her soul is much older. She is, in fact,  an “old soul” who is over a billion years old. Fittingly, her name means “knowledge”. In her earthly work, she was completely grounded in herself and was unaffected by the issues people brought to her. Because of the depth of her soul, she was also a distance healer. This means people didn’t have to ride or touch her to be healed by her.

She was and still is the leading force of Hochoka, having processed about 3,500 people. Priscilla and I have shared souls and she has been my guide the entire time I have been at Hochoka. She continues to guide me from the spirit realm.

Priscilla’s Words

Priscilla-and-Kimberly-300x225I hear the thunder of many hooves coming to take me to my heavenly herd. Did not realize there were so many who welcome me to Spirit. See me running free with my herd and know my only regret is leaving you behind, Kimberly. But you have much to do . . . not in the hard doing work way but in the relaxing into your own space with your own horses in your own time.

My passing into Spirit is the end of an era with you. Time for you to turn the corner and relax into being your own self on your own terms. I will be with you as you transition from Avalon as it now is and as it will become.

I rest peacefully knowing all is well. You are forever my love, Priscilla.…

Letter to Priscilla

Some people said, “She’s magic.” Others “Just a horse.”
But we all saw the truth, It was GOD in you, of course.
So many countless hours, helping children shed their pain.
You did it just for love’s sake, not for earthly gain.
The first time that we met you, a healing prayer was made.
You foot was causing problems, proof of the price you’d paid.
And then WE called you “Miracle.” God’s love ever so real.
Because of all the work you did, HE chose to let you heal!
Our love for you will never fade, although you’re now in heaven.

We miss you sweet Priscilla girl!
~Jon Michael, Mikayla and Jachin

The Horse Profoundly Relates to a Stifled Spirit and Translates the Troubles of the Soul.