Horses are the Heart and Soul of Hochoka

Our gentle emotional support animals are remarkably intuitive. These social animals can sense surface uncertainty as well as deep-seated emotional distress. In effect, they hold up a mirror in which clients can view themselves. In many ways the Spirit of Hochoka rides on the backs – and the souls – of the horses.

Each horse is different; each has a unique personality and purpose, much like people.


Our beloved lead horse, Priscilla, transitioned into complete Spirit on Monday, August 27, 2014 at high noon. Those who have known her (and not) are welcome. With this passing into higher realm fields, she will continue to move myself and Hochoka into new form. We are so honored to have had the time we have had with Priscilla. To read more about what made Priscilla a powerful healer and for a special message from her, click here.


Lucky is a rescue horse and is flourishing at Hochoka. He can process 10 people a day and still be strong and powerful, all while giving each person the energy and power they require for healing. He facilitates freedom through freeing people to express themselves and be who they truly are. Lucky is a power horse and a protector.


Diamond’s name means “brilliant one.” He is three years old and his full name is Ben-Barak Kenrick Diamond. His first name, Ben-Barak, means “brother of Lightning.” His middle name, Kenrick, means “fearless leader” and his last name, Diamond, means “brilliant one.” This is his horse medicine.


Her name means “resurrection” and she is more on the shy side with a sweet, gentle nature.


Simba is one of our miniature horses and is very playful. His name means “lion” and what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in courage.

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