Evolution of Hochoka

Hochoka began as Avalon Farm, which grew from Kimberly’s affinity for horses.  Horses have been her constant companions. With Native American roots, Kimberly possesses natural instincts for building and gardening, along with her intuitive and natural bond with horses. She also has a calling to help people heal.


Kimberly had been doing development and self-growth work in the Charlotte, NC area for several years through conducting workshops in exercise, hands healing, reflexology, nutrition and corporate development. She soon saw a trend as she helped people outside of their corporate and home environments. She noticed when people came out of their cubicle (their “box”), learning in an outdoor environment with animals facilitated lasting self-growth. Nothing compares to discovering inner learning and self growth through a 1200-pound noble steed.

Hochoka Retreat Center

In 2016, a transition took place. In order for the program to grow, a cleansing was in order. A new place, a new name, new management and even new services. From Avalon, Hochoka was born. Hocoka (pronounced phonetically as “Ho-cho-ka) is the Lakota word for “healing circle”. It is the perfect description of what Hochoka does. It heals the complete self – mind, body and spirit.



Hochoka is a 501 (c)(3) public, non-profit educational and charitable organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Tax ID Number: 81-4849017. Determination letter number: 26053660002056





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