The idea of Hochoka, as a special place of wellness, healing and hope, has lived in Kimberly Clarke’s heart and mind for several years. Hochoka and the Healing with Horses program is an extension of Kimberly Clarke’s heart and had been in operation for seven years under the name Avalon Farm.

Avalon Farm

Hochoka began as Avalon Farm, which grew from Kimberly’s affinity for horses.  Horses have been her constant companions. So much so, in a past life, she could have been a native-american. She possesses natural instincts for building and gardening, along with her intuitive and natural bond with horses. She also has a calling to help people heal.

Kimberly had been doing development and self-growth work in the Charlotte, NC area for several years through conducting workshops in exercise, hands healing, reflexology, nutrition and corporate development. She soon saw a trend as she helped people outside of their corporate and home environments. She noticed when people came out of their cubicle (their “box”), learning in an outdoor environment with animals facilitated lasting self-growth. Nothing compares to discovering inner learning and self growth through a 1200-pound noble steed.

She has always had Priscilla, the lead horse of her current herd. Kimberly noticed that clients, corporate people, friends, and soon friends of friends, visited just to “hang out” with her horses. One person after the other had a cathartic experience around the horses; telling their story to the horses, crying and experiencing an emotional shift that many had not experienced after several years (and thousands of dollars) with a mental health professional. As a result, Kimberly developed a program around their experiences with the horses. This transitioned into the Healing with Horses program she now provides. It is through this program that one discovers the truth that emotions facilitate intelligence. The medicine of the horse is to use our emotions as a barometer and guide.


In 2016, a transition took place. In order for the program to grow, a cleansing was in order. A new place, a new name, new management and even new services. From Avalon, Hochoka was born. Hocoka (pronounced phonetically as “Ho-cho-ka) is the Lakota word for “healing circle”. It is the perfect description of what Hochoka does. It heals the complete self – mind, body and spirit.

We offer programs for individuals, families, corporations, and organizations to manage life change experiences such as:

  • Divorce
  • Job Change
  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Illness and/or Death
  • Stress Management
  • Wellness

For corporations and other organizations, we offer programs to assist with:

  • Team Building
  • Stress Related to Downsizing and Corporate Mergers
  • Stress Management
  • Wellness


We offer a sliding-scale fee for services based on income. Please call for more information. We offer gratis services for (low-income) families. Scholarships available. Call the office to obtain Scholarship Eligibility Forms.


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Program Registration

To register, follow these 3 steps:
1 – Call the Hochoka office at 704-651-4800 to schedule an appointment.
2 – Download and fill out the application below.
3 – Mail the completed application to Hochoka PO Box 237 Harmony, NC 28634 OR Email the completed application to

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