ABOUT Hochoka

HOCHOKA is a special place, an educational center for wellness, self-growth, and

awareness programs. Our main program is Healing with Horses (Equine Assisted Learning).


Kimberly Clarke, Founder and Executive Director, has created a farm environment where children and adults can find balance away from daily routine and stress. The spirit of HOCHOKA renews and rewards those who open their heart to the innate ability of the human body and spirit to heal.



HOCHOKA’S mission is simple and straight forward;

to facilitate programs for self-growth through animals and nature.



 • To capture the healing power of the Lord and the horses to transform client’s lives

 • To teach wellness as a way of life through animals and nature

 • To provide educational opportunities for children and adults who are at-risk,

    with disabilities or well bodied

 • To facilitate self-growth, prevention of disease, and maintenance programs

 • To encourage improved health with empathy, skills, and trust

 • To enrich personal and professional lives

We offer programs for individuals, families, corporations, and organizations to manage life change experiences such as:

For corporations and other organizations, we offer programs to assist with:


job change



illness and/or death

stress management


Team Building

Stress related to downsizing and corporate mergers

Stress Management


HOCHOKA is a place where the newest ideas in wellness, fitness, healing the body, mind and spirit flourish. It is a place to unite people, animals and nature; a sanctuary to connect with your inner self.



Hochoka is a 501 (c)(3) public, non-profit educational and charitable organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Tax ID Number: 81-4849017. Determination letter number: 26053660002056





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